The Devastation Continues

The devastating Japanese Tsunami of 2011 recently just had its first anniversary, but people are still suffering the after effects even after a year on.

Many people who were affected by the tsunami had to find other means of accommodation, such as temporary housing including Mr Shiga, an elderly Japanese gentleman. After spending three months sleeping in a gym, he found a temporary apartment in Shiga City. However, as most apartments in Japan don’t have central heating, when winter rolled around he was left without any form of heating.

Mr. Shiga couldn’t afford temporary heating solutions so relief came when he and 1,300 other Japanese families received electric space heaters funded by a $250,000 grant from AmeriCares.

Mr and Mrs Shogi explained that they were happy to receive the heater as they receive little assistance outside of rent money which would mean they would have to go without heating otherwise.

During the winter months it is very important to ensure that you have adequate heating resources, especially if you are or know someone who is elderly.

If the boiler at your place of business stops working, we at Ideal Heat Solutions can provide temporary boiler hire services to you so that your workforce isn’t left without heating for too long.