British company McQuay UK has announced with the arrival of what they say is the most advanced air-cooled chiller in the world.

James Henley, chiller manager at McQuay UK, unveiled the chiller at the London Transport Museum. Mr Henley advises that the chiller is easily the “Best product in its category” while also boasting that it can “outperform any competitors in the marketplace”.

The statements by Mr Henley are confirmed by the chillers single screw compressor technology, and its apparent extremely low running costs, as well as being 50% more energy efficient than the nearest competitor.


The unit features many variables which strive to make it a great machine, these include; built in temperature control, twin circuit for redundancy, and dual motor sizes which aim to increase efficiency. The ‘full load efficiency (EER) is said to be 35 per cent better’ and the unit is smaller in size than the previous versions by 30%.

Low Running Costs

The low running costs are predicted to mean a great interest from buyers as the low price and high energy efficiency are great selling points to prospective customers. The unit is said to be a “single chiller with no need to compromise on efficiency or reliability” whether at full or part load.

The company (McQuay UK) plan on using their expertise in screw compressor technology to reduce the amount carbon dioxide emissions from air conditioning, which is currently highly contributing to the negative environmental impact. The effect of this technology is said to improve the efficiency and running quality of the machine.