Throughout October it was reported that the UK was set to see the coldest winter for a century, with temperatures in January expected to plummet to -17 Celsius – with November becoming ‘progressively colder’ as the month draws on, many could see the need for a temporary boiler arise.

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather told The Express Newspaper Britain would see ‘significant snowfall’ is likely within weeks, with ‘savage frosts’ causing havoc across the country.

This year we could see a freeze that surpasses anything since 1910 – when records begun – following last winter’s record storms, where 12 ‘major events’ were reported throughout January and December alone, with many becoming victims of fallen trees on train tracks, power cuts and severe flooding.

Could Temporary Boilers Make a Difference?

For companies in the UK, construction businesses, housing associations, schools and many more that cater to needs of the masses, protocols need to be put in place for the potential of boiler breakdown in the cold, as in a freeze could result in damages to property, life and the infrastructure of a business.

Having protocols in place, which are cost effective and minimise the amount of impact a boiler failure will have on a business can make all the difference in the event of an issue arising over the winter freeze.

Temporary boiler hire partnerships and solutions should be at the forefront of your mind in the event of an emergency breakdown, with the potential to increase the amount of boilers onsite before the winter freeze also an option. Both of these measures could prove to key factor in winter success for businesses or institutions where vulnerable people are housed.

Hotels and housing associations, where people are paying (and expect to have) an excellent service could also feel the benefits of temporary boilers in order to beat the winter freeze.

Other, measures such as ongoing maintenance to ensure boilers are meeting the standard required to deal with plummeting temperatures.

The importance of having a boiler fit for a job, or long term use, throughout the winter months should not be understated.

Ideal Heat Solutions provide temporary boiler hire and heater for a variety of uses. With huge experience in the industry, our temporary boilers are fitted with telemetry systems to ensure everything is in working order, they are fully maintained and refuelled on a regular basis.