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Temporary Boiler hire services

The Brief

On construction sites, maintaining a warm working environment is essential to the welfare of the workers.  When a contractor overseeing a refurbishment project on residential high-end apartments in London found itself without heating, it called a temporary boiler supplier to create an optimal temperature on their work site.

The client already had a temporary boiler in place with another supplier but due to facing issues with call out delays, the client sought after an alternative provider to create a suitable work environment. Call out delays present a serious challenge when the health and safety of workers is put at risk. This would not only impact the wellbeing of workers, but also the ability to deliver the residential refurbishment project on time.

Following the client’s negative experience with an alternative provider, the client looked to Ideal Heat Solutions to fulfil their temporary heat requirements.

The Objective

The client is a new client of Ideal Heat Solutions. After struggling to find a temporary boiler provider that could respond promptly to a call out, the client looked to Ideal Heat to provide a solution in a timely manner.

Given their prior issues with call out delays with a former provider, the client required that a temporary boiler be delivered as soon as possible. Ideal Heat responded straight away and swiftly dealt with the enquiry. In response to their request, Ideal Heat clearly provided multiple options to help the client understand which route would be most suitable under current circumstances; and options for later in the year, as they would subsequently need a longer-term hire.

Construction Boiler Hire

After collaborating with the client to reach a decision on the right temporary boiler for the client’s needs, Ideal Heat conducted a site survey and provided a site plan of the plant to find a suitable location for the boiler. Ideal Heat selected the ideal location for warmth and minimal disruption.

At the time of installation, the client only required temporary heating, but expressed their need for hot water circuits at a later date. Ideal Heat Solutions accommodated the client’s future plans to ensure a stress-free process for them, pricing the additional hose and plant for installation later in the year.

On this project, Ideal Heat Solutions provided heat using only a 200kW trailer temporary boiler and 20m of 50mm HTG hose with a 3000-litre fuel tank. The 200kW trailer mounted boiler provides customers with a transportable heating solution that can be quickly installed in emergency situations. The boiler was delivered and promptly installed within three hours, to the client’s delight. The quick and efficient installation of the boiler ensured that the project could resume without any further delay.

The client was thoroughly impressed by Ideal Heat Solution’s punctual response, and their support and professionalism throughout the entire process. Due to the client’s excellent experience with Ideal Heat Solutions, the company will be working with Ideal Heat again later in the year to fulfil their hot water requirements on this project.

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