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Electrical and heating plants need to be regularly maintained or they risk becoming inefficient. With the cost of electricity and gas soaring it is important now more than ever to ensure that plant is running effectively. So, what can be done to ensure valuable plant is running efficiently and what can be done if in the worst-case scenario, it fails completely?

If a boiler is not monitored regularly over time for efficiency when deposits build up inside the appliance it may go unnoticed. The link between the amount of gas that the appliance is burning, and the monthly cost of that gas can easily be missed especially if costs are increasing incrementally at the same time.

As Steve Warne, National Sales Manager at Ideal Heat Solutions explains: “Inefficient boilers can cost a lot more than the cost of a new boiler in the long term if it is badly maintained. I always recommend monitoring as a first cause of action. People should have heat meters on their appliances to monitor the efficiency of their plant. They should also have a planned maintenance schedule and a planned replacement schedule in place. There should also be a plan just in case plant fails completely; it should identify where temporary plant can be safely sited. This will reduce the time it takes to put in temporary measures and avoid delays getting sites up and running again.”

The use of temporary boiler and plant room can safely allow existing plant rooms and boilers to be worked on offline. This allows the old plant to be safely cooled and avoids anyone having to work on a live system which is innately dangerous.

Plant rooms don’t generate any value, so architects are often encouraged to design plant rooms to be as small as possible. As a result, plant replacement becomes extremely difficult from an operational perspective. This means that sites are often forced to limp along with appliances leaking water and fumes because it is known that replacement is going to be complicated and potentially time consuming.

“By taking plant offline and using temporary solutions people can save time and money in the long run. On a large site where there may be underground pipework which can be difficult to get to, we are able to breakdown the loads to take the site on and offline, helping to maintain the system and avoid having to turn off large parts of the network. This allows people to keep their buildings running, which for some sectors like healthcare could be critical.” concluded Steve.

The Brief

When a boarding school in Surrey discovered their heating system was failing at the start of the new school term, Ideal Heat Solutions was able to restore heat and hot water to the site within just three days.

The Objective

Ideal Heat Solutions received the call from the customer on Thursday, 13th January. The historic building’s heating system was failing. Heating and hot water was needed by the school 24 hours a day, seven days a week, not just for the school buildings, but the residential blocks too. Ideal Heat Solutions arranged to meet the customer the very next morning due to the urgency of the situation.

The site survey identified a safe location for the temporary boiler and a route that the hose could travel to cause minimal disruption to the school’s pupils. The customer required a great deal of enabling works to be carried out to its plant room to allow the hose to be connected to the existing system. Bracketry work was also needed to allow a high-level hose to be run alongside an external wall and up onto the roof, before dropping down inside the building and into the plant room. This required an internal scaffolding structure.

The large amount of enabling works took two days to complete before the temporary boiler could be landed. Ideal Heat Solutions provided a heat-only 1200kW containerised temporary boiler and 100m of 100mm HTG hose with a 4500ltr fuel tack.

Not only was the customer delighted that Ideal Heat Solutions could act quickly, but the customer was also pleased that some of the issues with the existing system were resolved by the Ideal Heating Solutions team whilst they were on site.

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