The Facts

Studies made by Saga have shown that over Christmas, almost a quarter of boilers in Britain suffer from some form of failure. From parts replaced to a completely new boiler, make sure you check your boiler before it ruins your Christmas.

The worst age group affected by damaged or broken boiler are between 35-44 years old as studies have shown they are the least likely to get their boilers checked on a regular basis. Saga research has also shown that one in ten people age 50+ ends up having to pay more than £1,500 to fix their boilers which could’ve been avoided. Proving that whatever you’re age you are at risk of having to fork out for your boiler to be either fixed or replaced this Christmas. Make sure you check your boiler before it happens to you.

Although you never know when your boiler is about to break, ensuring you have regular checks means that the risk of this happening to you is significantly reduced. Make sure you’re home insurance covers you for this to avoid a heft bill at the most inconvenient time of the year, just to give you that peace of mind should the worst happen.

Are You Renting?

If you rent a property, and your boiler break down it is the responsibility of your landlord to ensure that your house has home emergency assistance. Chief Executive of Saga Services Mr Roger Ramsden has advised that this should cover you for burst pipes, boilers and many other types of crisis occurrences.

Be Boiler Ready

This year the coming winter has been reported to be one of the coldest since 1947, therefore ensuring you have a working, fully functional boiler is imperative. Watching TV huddled under a blanket might seem cosy at first, but if your boiler breaks down and you have to sleep in 3 pairs of socks just to feel your toes, the novelty will soon start to wear off.

Half of the people surveyed in this report have advised that a broken boiler would ruin their Christmas. Don’t let this be you.