Siemens and Zolo

Siemens energy a Germany based energy company has teamed up with American brand Zolo Technologies to create a fossil fuelled steam generation boiler.
The collaboration which has taken place in Europe, will involve the companies combining their products and generating their energy across a wider reach, to countries including to USA, China and elsewhere in Asia.

The generation of a fossil fuelled steam generated power plant has come as the two companies integrated a ZoloBOSSTM laser based combustion monitoring system, alongside a SPPA-P3000 process optimisation solution.

According to the Dieter Fluck, Vice President Product Management Instrumentation & Electrical at Siemens Energy, the merging of the two companies to create this new generation, boiler masterpiece is expected to ‘significantly improve combustion efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions’ well as enhance availability and thermal performance.

This solution has apparently already demonstrated its ability to enhance the process of power generation across The US, Europe and China. Siemens are the only company to provide this SPPA-P3000, this unique boiler can use software to analyse in furnace combustion in real time, to automatically balance and optimise the combustion process.