The Issue

Gillotts School, in Henley on Thames, has found itself out of pocket by almost £35,000 after a faulty heating system was installed at the school. The school had two permanent boiler systems installed in 2009, but since becoming an academy the local authority has refused to pay for them to be fixed, meaning the school has had to call in a temporary boiler hire service to provide the necessary heating for the school.

The row is now ongoing, with the council claiming to support schools that wish to become academies, but at the same time withdrawing funding at crucial times. Companies like Ideal Heat Solutions are always on hand to provide emergency boilers in situations like this, but it’s never a good situation to be in for a school or business if the problems are ongoing.

The situation for Gillotts School is still ongoing, with local councillors coming out in support of the school and urging the local authority to take action. As we’re coming into the warmest part of the year, any need for boiler hire services presents less of an emergency, but if your company or premises has a problem with your boiler, Ideal Heat Solutions are on hand to deliver temporary boilers nationwide as quickly as possible, ensuring that you have hot running water for your staff and customers.