Being funded largely by public money whilst catering to the needs of thousands of residents puts huge stress on housing associations, this potential strain on housing associations could increase in the winter as cold weather sets in for vulnerable residents.  Here, we will look at whether the use of a temporary boiler could benefit housing associations across the country.

Earlier this year it was reported that up to 50,000 tenants with one of the UK’s largest housing associations could be subject to having heating ‘forcibly disconnected for five months of the year’; adding to the already apparent woes caused by leaking ceilings and boilers which struggle to keep up with the huge demand put on them.

In this situation, backup generators or temporary boilers would aid in benefiting tenants threatened with no heating between May and October, should they need to use it, without putting additional strain on the current boiler – which is seemingly not up to the task of providing the service it needs to.

Maintenance work on a current boiler can also pro-long the lifespan of a boiler significantly and improve the performance for residents expectant of a great service.

Planning ahead in this situation is of paramount importance as it means being able to plan for any potential boiler down time and servicing time, without having to worry about loss of heating for residents.

This could include the use of temporary boilers, backup boilers or clear discussion with the residents on how they will be impacted should all be considered.

Any downtime should be filled with a temporary boiler.

Unpredictable Weather Patterns

Unpredictable weather patterns in the UK have led to predictions of increasingly warmer summers and colder, wetter winters.  For a boiler trying to keep an average temperature this could be problematic if a boiler’s ability to regulate itself is compromised, leading to a loss of service if boiler failure occurs.

Overall, housing association tenants are in need of affordable properties that are maintained and reliable.  Using temporary boilers for servicing and backing up can aid in meeting this essential requirements.

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