Preparing for the Heatwave

The UK is preparing for the return of the heat wave this week, with many fearing that thousands could die in the scorching conditions.

Experts warned the mercury could rocket to 35°C (95°F) or possibly higher by tomorrow, meaning it could be the hottest day of the year so far!

The alert came as official figures reveal this month’s earlier heat wave, stretching over three weeks, could already have killed almost 1,000 people. The Office for National Statistics last night said 8,790 died in the third week of July, 336 more than average.

Temperatures hit 32°c in the week ending July 19 in Hampton, with an ­average high of 31°c that week.

Experts said this week may beat the hottest figure so far this year of 92.3°F at Heathrow. The blistering forecast came along with warnings that there could be a repeat of conditions 10 years ago when 2,000 people died.

Issued Warnings

The Met Office issued a heat health alert across the entire country for tomorrow with a more serious level-2 in the South and South-east. The warnings, issued with Public Health England, are put out when excessive heat poses a risk to the elderly and vulnerable.

The Department of Health said the extreme temperature could trigger more deaths in the next 48 hours. Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies said: “Excess seasonal deaths start at 25°c and a significant proportion occur before heat wave alert temperatures are triggered. Many deaths occur in the first two days of very warm weather.”

However all negativity aside, there is always time to enjoy the sunshine if you take some simple precautions. Many people will of course continue to host outdoor events as it is still summer after all. If you can’t stand the heat why not look into event cooling?

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