The UK could be set for a cold snap lasting until beyond Christmas as ‘The Beast from East’ makes its way to the country from Russia.

Forecasters are predicting that the UK could be hit with temperatures as low as -10 over New Year, 60mph winds and Atlantic Storms, resulting in widespread travel chaos, flooding and in some cases loss of heating and a need for temporary boilers.

Much of the south east has been issued with weather warnings for the period, with the possibility of widespread rain and storms in populated areas – where schools and housing estates could be subject to a loss of power.

For those running businesses where heating and hot water from boilers is essential for the well-being of customers and success of the business, there is a need to plan ahead and ensure protocols are in place should power go down over this extended period of exceptionally cold weather.

2013 Autumn/Winter

Last year, storms at the beginning of November saw trees torn from the ground, a widespread halt to travel services and an increase in demand for temporary boilers following the failure of a number of units across the capital and the South East of England.

The ongoing cold winter, which saw temperatures drop to -2° by the end of November 2013 only increased this demand, putting a great burden on London based businesses to continue operating to their full potential over a particularly severe winter.

Ideal Heat Solutions can supply companies with a temporary boiler should a system fail.  Our experts can be on site promptly and our telemetry systems ensure all boilers can be maintained remotely, with mechanics available on location for fuelling should it be needed.