As the name suggests, the Jumbo 150 Archotherm heater is one of the largest we have available at Ideal Heat Solutions. Adaptable and versatile, a 2 or 4-way splitter can be added to this Jumbo unit so it can be ducted up to 160m. It can be thermostatically controlled, making it easy to adjust and manipulate for the best results.

It may be large (weighing 250kg), but this heating system is easy to fit, helping us to turnaround the installation quickly and reduce any potential disruption during the process. It has a 500L fuel tank and 152kW heating power, so can be used for a wide range of domestic and commercial heating needs. Over the years it has proven to be one of our most reliable short-term heating hire solutions, thanks to its high efficiency and sturdy frame.

Reliability is key with all of our services at Ideal Heat Solutions. We source and recommend systems that will be effective for your site, and you can depend on for the weeks or months that you need them for. Our engineers analyse and ensure that this large system will be efficient for your specific needs.