1500kW IHS 1500 Industrial Chiller

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    The 1500 kW Chiller is one of the most versatile cooling hire systems we have available. An all-rounder, capable of cooling for most commercial and industrial needs, it is specifically designed to meet the requirements of some of the most challenging facilities.

    The 1500 kW Chiller is a water cooled fluid chiller suitable for water of glycol cooling. This Chiller is completely assembled with all interconnection refrigerant piping and internal wiring, ready for installation. The large capacity at low footprint makes this unit the excellent choice for large size applications.

    The 1500 kW Chiller is able to chill liquids down to -12°C and gives you the power to adjust various technical settings. The Pro-Dialog control system allows you to optimise the output of the chiller, as the compressor, fan, water pump operation and electrical energy demand can be optimised in a straight-forward manner.

    Our specialists will advise on the most suitable system for your site. Once we understand the specifics of your facility and its usage, we may recommend an intensive system such as 1500 kW Chiller. Not only is it easy for our clients to use, but it is also easy for our OFTEC-approved engineers to fit this specialist chiller. It makes the overall hire process more efficient and convenient for all parties.

    The 1500 kW Chiller is at the upper end of our chilling unit range, and has a very large capacity. This makes it reliable for an array of demanding needs. It complies with HVAC requirements, and boasts a range of enhancing features. The circulating pump, expansion tank, filter and safety elements make complete the system, making it one of the most effective large-scale systems we have available.