A production manager or engineer within a large complex will know the importance of ensuring there is no downtime associated with a gas boiler, an oil-fired boiler or an electric boiler, and that potential downtime can be avoided with the use of temporary boiler hire during maintenance work.

Temporary boilers for downtime during annual checks

An annual check of a commercial boiler, such as a communal boiler located within a housing estate, has a number of advantages.

Firstly, it can ensure a boiler is properly maintained and any possible issues flagged up before they become a problem.

Additionally, any larger issues uncovered in an annual boiler check can be scheduled in for repair, and temporary boiler hire arranged with a crossover period at both the start and completion of the job.

Treatment of boilers under repair

Planning temporary boiler hire and annual checks/repairs in advance can aid in the overall health of a boiler.

For example, planned industrial boiler repairs can also include the treatment of a number of elements within the boiler itself as well – potentially saving money in the long term.

Valves and fittings can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of boiler failure and full replacement.

Undertaking a full service could include:

  • New pipework installation
  • Furnace maintenance
  • Pressure testing
  • Boiler descaling and acid cleaning
  • Steam metering
  • Stress testing

Having a boiler schedule

Apart from planning ahead for commercial boiler hire and downtime, it can help to have a boiler schedule in place within the engineering team.

This allows for routine checks of a boiler at different times of the year with a focus on particular elements at each stage.

The benefits are that the boiler is consistently maintained through regular checks and each element within it will get particular attention.

Again, this allows for early spotting of issues which may need greater work or downtime – leading to a much simpler task of planning for temporary boiler hire and any contractors needed to complete repairs.

Ideal Heat Solutions provide temporary boiler hire for large scale businesses and operations, including hotels, housing associations, schools and restaurants. We can supply boilers for hire for short, medium and long term projects as well as on an emergency basis.