The nights and mornings are starting to get darker and cooler, a reminder that winter is coming. For any site  across the UK, whether construction, education, industrial, commercial or agricultural, heating and hot water are two vital elements which are essential to the health and wellbeing of staff and a place of work’s every day operations. Steve Warne from Ideal Heat Solutions pinpoints the top five reasons to utilise temporary boilers and systems  so you can keep the heat on this winter.

1. Consider temperature control

Many of us can wrap up warm whilst we are at work, putting on an extra pair of thermals or a padded jacket to make sure we are comfortable. The same cannot be said for the plant we use, which must be kept at a certain temperature to perform correctly. If the equipment – including a commercial boiler, for instance – is not maintained in the correct conditions it can start to malfunction, which is a nightmare when there is a project to complete and a workforce to keep happy.

It is why programmes of works may need specialised protection and temperature control to avoid any delays to a project. We cannot control external weather conditions, but a temporary heating system can be brought onto a site to ensure that both people and plant continue to perform whatever the weather.

2. Workers’ health and wellbeing

Working outside in poor weather conditions can have a knock-on effect on productivity levels. A cold environment challenges the worker in three ways: by air temperature, air movement (wind speed), and humidity (wetness). These conditions essentially make for a harsh working environment which doesn’t inspire staff. A happier workforce however, translates to better morale on site, with productivity levels greatly increased. Including temporary heat systems on a cold outdoor site will keep a workforce motivated, which in turn results in fewer project delays.

3. An eye on the environment

Ideal Heat is the first temporary boiler company to offer HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) fuel on temporary packaged boilers in the UK. Sitting alongside its oil and gas offerings, this system – which is suitable for a variety of small and large projects – is the greener, sustainable alternative fuel option. With more businesses becoming environmentally conscious, this ensures customers can use temporary heat when they need to whilst being sympathetic to the environment.  HVO is also far superior to other biodiesels as it can deliver cleaner and more efficient performance.  

4. Quick heat when you need it

We understand that when a permanent boiler system fails, temporary solutions are needed and pronto! Ideal Heat Solutions swiftly responds to customers’ demands, delivering high-performance systems which will return a site to its former glory in no time at all. This was seen on our New Providence Wharf, London, project, where we were able to deliver our 500kW containerised boiler on the same day the initial call was received. With our expertise and diligence, we quickly restored the residents of these luxury apartments to the comfort they are accustomed to.

5. Monitor performance through innovative technology

Ideal Heat understands that on any project, it is vital for a temporary heating solution to be performing at its highest capability. It is why we have ensured that a site’s manager is able to monitor the temporary heat solution’s performance through an alert control centre. This makes it easier for Ideal Heat to undertake any necessary adjustments remotely. Remote monitoring gives us and our clients the peace of mind that the temporary commercial boiler, heater or chiller will continue to perform even when the weather is set to turn.

With winter approaching, it is vital that businesses up and down the nation prepare themselves for the bitter cold. Temporary heating solutions supplied by Ideal Heat Solutions can provide immediate services to any facility if a commercial boiler breaks and can also ensure outdoor, remote sites have the heat they need to sail through Britain’s colder months. If you’re left out in the cold this winter, rest assured Ideal Heat has a solution to bring immediate warmth to your premises.

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