The Issues with Waiting for Plaster to Dry

Ideal Heat are frequently approached by people from a range of sectors requesting advice about temporary heating methods. Property developers are left frustrated by delays as construction halts while waiting for screed or plaster to dry. Historically, property developers have found existing boilers lacking for a variety of reasons: too large, too heavy, too expensive to run, too noisy or not viable as no oil or gas supply is available. Added to this, existing boilers may not be environmentally friendly, a factor of increasing importance to all parties involved.

Applications of a Temporary Boiler

Underfloor heating is growing in popularity. As well as being an effective heat source, it preserves wall space, it is suitable for most flooring and the range of options available makes it viable for almost any situation. A temporary, portable electric boiler is an excellent solution, not only for underfloor heating, but also screed drying and plaster drying during construction.

Our clients report that hiring a temporary boiler provided an excellent heating solution. A portable boiler can easily be relocated across the site as the development progresses and needs arise. Plaster and screed drying time is greatly reduced and the construction process is made smoother and far quicker. Developers have an optimal heating solution on-site, available to provide controllable heat for on-site drying needs wherever and whenever they arise. This temporary heating option provides a flexible solution which reduces costs, increases efficiency as well providing a better working environment.

Advantages of Temporary Portable Electric Boilers

Trolley Mounted Boiler A portable electric boiler is the perfect solution for underfloor heating, screed drying and plaster drying. As well as providing temporary heat for the precise amount of time you need, each unit is small, lightweight and quiet whilst operating so can be placed conveniently close to the floor it is heating. These economical boilers have the power and controllability required to aid screed drying and plaster drying during construction as well as heating when construction is complete. Sites with no gas or oil supply benefit from a low-cost, environmentally friendly solution and an improved working environment. A portable boiler is easy to transfer from place to place so can be located in different areas e.g. for screed drying purposes, as required. As well as planned provision of heating/drying, temporary portable electric boilers are an excellent solution in an emergency in case of a boiler breakdown.

✓ Power provision for the exact amount of time you need
 Small and lightweight
 Quiet operation
 Fully controllable – perfect for drying screed
 Environmentally friendly
 Reduced plaster drying time
Increased productivity
 Improved working environment

Temporary Portable Electric Boiler Solution

Ideal Heat Solutions can provide a 50 Kg, 22 kW electric mobile boiler that is capable of producing temperatures between 20 – 85°C. At 600mm x 550mm x 1100 mm and with a noise level of 25dB, our boiler can be sited discreetly on site. Instant and consistent heat for applications of all types, the 22 kW portable boiler is quick and easy to install, easy to use and will provide reliable, controllable heat, when you need it.

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