HVAC equipment – buy or hire?

When it comes to heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment, the choice to hire or buy is not straightforward. In this article we focus on the benefits of hiring for your business. Positive impacts start from the initial outlay, through to its removal at the end of your project. Find out how hiring HVAC could be the best way forward.

Financial Benefits

HVAC - Financial Benefits of Hiring The bottom line is, hiring can improve your bottom line! Even if your budget can cover buying HVAC equipment, you should consider carefully before taking the plunge.

Hiring equipment has many financial benefits:

No upfront investment
The financial constraints caused by initial capital expenditure are lifted
Cash flow is eased and can be managed more effectively
Costs are identifiable
Costs can be allocated to a specific project and charged to the client
Fixed monthly rates with no ‘surprises’
Budgeting becomes easier
Save money on storage costs
Hire costs are fully tax deductible – Click here for more information
No maintenance costs

Hire high spec modern equipment without stretching the budget

Time Management

HVAC - Time Management Spend time managing and developing your business instead of sourcing equipment and wrestling with complex accounting. Focus your time where it matters. How does hiring equipment free up your time and benefit your business?

 Accounting is simplified
 No need to calculate depreciation or maintenance costs of capital equipment
 Hiring solutions are tailored to time and scale of your project
 No need to allocate interest costs for a lease
 Small businesses can focus time and resources on daily running and development
 No restrictions or constraints caused by high capital outlay
 More motivation to try something new to benefit your business

Improving Service

HVAC Hiring - Better Service Checks Ultimately, improving the service you offer will positively impact turnover and enhance your reputation. How can hiring a boiler benefit you and your customers?

✓ Faster quotes
✓ Quicker response time
✓ You can quote with confidence
✓ Modern, more efficient equipment
✓ You avoid being stuck with outdated equipment
✓ Increasing your ability to take on bigger projects
✓ No more long lead times of sourcing and installing new equipment
✓ Options available tailored to your project needs
✓ Flexibility of trying something new with confidence
✓ Without the restrictions caused by high initial outlay, you can focus on service
✓ Allows you to offer the best service to your customers


HVAC - Hiring is more Convenient Hiring HVAC equipment offers convenience across the board; the list is by no means exhaustive!

✓ No need to source or pay for storage space
✓ Equipment is delivered at the start and collected at the end of the project
✓ Space can be used in more beneficial ways
✓ You only have the equipment for the length of time you need it
✓ High spec equipment enabling your project to run at its best
✓ No battle to get a reasonable price for used equipment
✓ Safety, maintenance and installation are no longer your responsibility
✓ Support provided by a good hiring company, for advice, installation, maintenance and repair

Ideal Heat Solutions invests in up to date equipment and resources, so you don’t have to. Call now to discuss your project.