Client Specifications

At the request of our client; a large national house builder; Ideal Heat Solutions Ltd stepped up to the challenge to design, procure, build and install a 1100 kW temporary boiler plant for an apartment block in Battersea. The entire plant room serving 240 apartments, in a desirable location overlooking the River Thames had failed in January 2010, where a competitor of Ideal had provided an oil machine. However, not only was the rate that their machine used oil significantly high, their machine was unreliable and service was poor; on one occasion taking 12 hours to respond to a fault. Ideal was therefore asked to provide a more permanent solution for temporary heat requirement.

In April 2010, Ideal built a new machine, which served the site for a further 11 months without a single failure. Ideal Heat Solutions’ plant was made of the highest quality components and had a clear Trend boiler management system, so would provide continuous data back to Ideal’s HQ in Maidstone. This enabled Ideal to be prepared to respond if any minor adjustment was needed to the plant.

The Results

The client was very pleased at both the speed in which Ideal installed the machine and the professionalism of the team, working late into the night to allow a smooth transition. During the hire period, the system to which our plant was connected suffered 3 minor faults; these issues were automatically communicated to Ideal’s HQ. Their expert team reacted immediately on each occasion and was onsite within 1 hour, ensuring the resident’s heating and hot water was unaffected. The client has informed Ideal Heat Solutions Limited that they would certainly recommend them in the future.