500kW Temporary Boiler Hire

London Retirement Home


Our client was the director of a HVAC Contracting company that secured a job to update the centralised boiler at a retirement home in Greater London. The boiler was in urgent need of updating, due to the age and replacement parts beginning to become obsolete. A temporary boiler was required to provide heating and hot water to the residents of the retirement home, whilst this work was taking place.


Due to logistical issues of where the temporary boiler could be positioned, the client required a detailed survey. Ideal Heat Solutions were contacted and subsequently conducted a free site survey within 24 hours of the initial phone call.

Based on the existing boiler house capacity, Ideal Heat proposed and specified the 500kW Packaged Plant room in order to facilitate the heating and hot water requirements of 39 large apartments at the retirement home.

This was not an emergency job – it was a planned shut down of the existing boiler. Detailed planning was required in order to facilitate the smooth transition from the permanent boiler house to the temporary plant room.

The Technical Part

Ideal Heat Solutions provided a detailed survey report, including photos of the logistical route of the 500kW boiler delivery. The client was required to provide 50mm female BSP connections for the HWS/LTHW flow and returns, and a 50mm connection point for the mains feed to the temp plant room heat exchanger. This was to ensure that Ideal Heat had the connections available to run from the temporary plant room to connect on to the existing system.

The client was accurately briefed on all aspects of the temporary boiler installation, including: equipment delivery timescales, hose length requirements, temporary hose routes and electrical power requirements.

One of the main obstacles which Ideal Heat had to overcome, was a logistical issue concerning the accessibility of where the boiler needed to be installed. There was no road access present, so Ideal Heat Solutions specified and supplied a 12 tonne manitou forklift. This was to ensure the correct lifting capabilities were met in order to safely deliver the 3.5 tonne temporary plant room to its required position at the back of the retirement home.

Jamie Ross-Davies, Sales Director of Ideal Heat Solutions, commented:

Our boilers are great for assisting contractors who want a solution for planned boiler change overs. On this project, the 500kw boiler was the perfect solution based on the number of large flats that required temporary heating and hot water.


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