Beam Park

Temporary Boiler Hire

The Brief

The need for temporary heat on construction projects is high, particularly as construction site managers are tasked with the responsibility to ensure all projects’ moving parts work smoothly in tandem with each other.

To enable a construction project to go ahead efficiently, Ideal Heat Solutions was called upon to provide temporary heat to new build apartments in Essex via a district heating network, whilst permanent plant room construction was underway.

The Objective

Ideal Heat was contacted by the client to supply a solution that would ensure the constant flow of heat could be provided to site.

A strong existing relationship with the client meant that Ideal Heat was the only contender for this project. Ideal Heat provided its market-leading 500kW boiler, a versatile system which suits a variety of project needs, especially for complex construction projects. Always going above and beyond, Ideal Heat further supplied a 4500ltr fuel tank and a 30m hose to make the necessary connections on the site.

Impressed with Ideal Heat’s product and service, the client requested a secondary temporary boiler a few months later. Ideal Heat was able to provide a solution quickly, to maximise the project’s overall delivery and efficiency. Additional T-pieces were also manufactured and supplied to enable the second boiler to continue to run in the event of the first temporary boiler failing.


When the client was experiencing their own power issues onsite, Ideal Heat was able to swiftly identify a solution to ensure the temporary plant could still be monitored remotely. As the client’s power was not working as planned, it meant that the BMS system fitted on Ideal Heat’s boilers could not operate. To overcome this issue, Ideal Heat attached a Multiguard device – an environmentally friendly, multi-purpose IoT device – to the plant to ensure the boilers could be monitored independently. Doing so meant that should the temporary plant require assistance Ideal Heat would be able to help.

Ideal Heat was also able to design, create and deliver a standalone pump when the client’s solution failed.

The utilisation of Ideal Heat’s temporary boiler solutions on this project enabled construction work to proceed seamlessly. Ideal Heat’s temporary plant, expertise and further assistance kept all bases covered, showcasing that whether it is planned works or an emergency, Ideal Heat is the temporary heating provider there to answer all your prayers.

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