Temporary Heat for 200 Apartments

Council for Mortgage Lenders

Ideal Heat Solutions provide temporary heat for 200 apartments under strict deadline

Ideal Heat was contacted to provide a consistent heat source for an apartment complex containing over 200 properties. The homes were in the process of being built, but construction schedules were behind. The client’s deadline for heating was approaching, so our team was tasked to quickly install a boiler capable of serving a large number of premises with hot water and heating.

Our team responded to the call quickly, designing, manufacturing and installing the boiler promptly. Once in place, the temporary 1120kW system produced hot water and heating around the apartments for as long as it was required. We turned the project around quickly, ensuring that the boiler was in full working order before the client’s tight deadline.

We invest in top specification components and equipment for each project, and demonstrated our commitment to innovative technology by fitting the client’s boiler with sophisticated monitoring technology. The Trend 963 Supervisor meant that the heat settings could be adjusted by mobile phone. Convenient and easy to use, it meant that every apartment had a constant supply of heating and hot water.

Not only could these changes be made remotely, but the Trend also allowed our engineers to track the performance of the boiler. As soon as it was low on fuel or part of the system wasn’t working properly, our control centre in Maidstone would be alerted. It kept a 24-hour watch over the boiler, and gave us information about any inconsistencies and issues as they happened.

The two-way remote communication with the boiler meant that we could offer our client unmatched aftercare, as we were able to respond to problems before they were even aware of them. Fortunate for this case, there were no reported issues at this site, and the client had boiler they could depend on.

The boiler served our client for the full duration of their needs. They have since praised Ideal Heat Solutions for our professional services. As with every project we undertake, the requirements of the client come first. We ensured that the Council for Mortgage Lenders had a reliable boiler, and that we completed all of the work efficiently.

Ideal Heat Solutions specialise in the provision of industrial heating system and boiler plant solutions for commercial premises and events, whether planned or in an emergency. Please call us on 01622 632 918 to discuss your needs.

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