Haggerston Park

1200kW Temporary Boiler Hire

The Brief

Boiler failure isn’t an ideal situation in any case, not least in a community-serving school where the health, safety and wellbeing of students and staff are key. To minimise the risk of disaster striking, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. It is why an inner-city school contacted Ideal Heat Solutions, in order to create a contingency plan that would assure the consistent flow of heat whilst its plant room was being replaced.

The Objective

Ideal Heat utilised its expertise and renowned service to create a survey that would account for all the details that needed to be considered. Ideal Heat had previously undertaken an emergency job for a separate school within the area, ensuring that it could continue to remain open even in the case of a problem.

Impressed by Ideal Heat’s ability to overcome this feat, the inner-city school asked the temporary boiler expert to help them. Ideal Heat surveyed the school in July 2020, well ahead of the planned plant room works that were due to commence later on in the year.

The survey was performed successfully by Ideal Heat and provided a strong basis for the work that was due to go ahead. As well as ensuring the right preparatory measures could be put in place when the plant room was due for refurbishment, the survey offered extra contingency should the boiler fail before remedial works commenced.

A collaborative effort, when it came to installation, Ideal Heat worked with the relevant parties involved to ensure all water and electrics would be ready. Extra planning had to be undertaken to ensure the plant was at a safe distance from pupils, yet it was all performed with the highest urgency and in good time.

Ideal Heat’s high performance temporary boiler supplied over 1200kW of heat to the school. As a contingency plan was in place, the hose could be installed without complications as all the necessary measurements had been made.

The Challenge

Ideal Heat’s fuel management service was of particular help to the school. Cost is a key consideration for education and healthcare sites, and Ideal Heat’s service is able to monitor fuel management for optimum value. Ideal Heat’s team of experts were always on hand to show the fuel amounts to the senior staff as and when requested.

Offering a first-class solution that was catered to the school’s budget, Ideal Heat went above and beyond to ensure the heat was kept on during a plant room refurbishment. Doing so ensured the health, safety and wellbeing of students and staff went uninterrupted.

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