Longfield Primary School

Boiler installation services

The Brief

Maintaining a suitable working environment through a well ventilated and temperature-controlled classroom is vital to ensure student concentration and attendance is upheld.

This temporary boiler installation took place in a primary school in Longfield after their plant room boiler failed.

Having already had a working relationship from 5 boilers previously purchased from this school, Ideal Heat Solutions were an obvious choice for performing this temporary boiler installation due to their strong rapport with the school and reliable service history.

The Objective

Being a primary school inhibiting younger children, it was paramount that the situation was fixed within a short span of time to ensure the children kept focussed on their learning. Shortly after callout from the school, the boiler was set up and installed within half a day, ensuring that the school children could return to learning with minimal disruption and parents could return to their busy lives.

Ideal Heat Solutions provided an all-in-one unit 250kW oil fired containerised boiler with a 3000ltr fuel tank. Ideal Heat chose this boiler for the client as it was the most efficient and reliable system for the school’s specific needs. This boiler was an excellent choice due to its ability to provide hot water and heating for buildings of various sizes as the primary school was relatively small, as well as this boiler being particularly specified for use in schools.


This boiler also has a 92% fuel efficiency rating. The practical design ensures that it is relatively straightforward for our engineers to install, proving maximum efficiency and meeting our target of installation within 24 hours.

Once installed, this boiler is able to withstand the rigorous period of hire which often comes with establishments, such as schools, due to the frequent use of central heating. The boiler is also protected by a thermally insulated steel container that reduces sound output, further minimising disruption to school children and teachers.

After installation, a Trend 963 Supervisor system was used to monitor the workings of the boiler, remotely ensuring that it was performing appropriately, even after installation. This impressive system also allowed us to control the temperature settings from our Maidstone control centre should any problems arisen, minimising costs for further callouts and on-site aftercare.

The client was delighted with the quick service and installation of this boiler. As an existing client of Ideal Heat Solutions over the past 12 months, we were trusted to perform to the high standards that we are known for. As a result, Ideal Heat are the only temporary boiler solution that the client uses and plan to use in the future.

Through the installation of this boiler, we have demonstrated another excellent example of Ideal Heat’s dependability and competence. Because of the quick turn-around, Ideal Heat ensured this school could stay open, ensuring parents, teachers and students were kept happy and warm.


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