Temporary 500kW Boiler Solution

Kings Hotel


A serious flood in the hotel’s plant room had destroyed the plant, rendering it unusable. The age of the plant room and the extent of the damage meant complete reconstruction and plant replacement was required immediately. Ideal Heat’s objective was fast plant replacement to ensure minimum business downtime for the client. An immediate and comprehensive survey followed by rapid deployment and installation of an efficient temporary boiler plant room.

Our Briefing

Ideal heat was required to assess the site, analyse connectivity of the existing heating circuit and ascertain the most suitable location for the replacement temporary boiler. Ideal Heat Solutions had to supply a replacement plant which logistically allowed for the rebuilding of the plant room.

The Technical Part

Kings Hotel - 500kw Temporary Boiler Hire A comprehensive site survey was conducted to identify the optimal location for temporary plant room, safest hose route and connection points. Contingency needed to be made for additional complications. The temporary hose route will travel around the hotel rear and through one of the hotel’s rooms to connect to the existing hose network. The return route will be under floorboards for efficiency and safety. The force needed to maintain pressure in all of the hotel’s showers meant an additional pump set had to be installed. Our assessment determined that the 500kW oil fired boiler was the optimal solution. Ideal Heat delivered and installed the boiler immediately; our client was able to provide services to its customers within four hours.

Client Review

“A leak in our plant room caused a flood which left the hotel in a critical situation and in urgent need of a temporary boiler. With no heat or hot water, the hotel’s excellent reputation was vulnerable. Ideal Heat Solutions responded immediately to our call and supplied a temporary boiler, they had the hotel back to fully functioning within hours, crucially, with little or no inconvenience to our customers. We are extremely impressed with the service we received, thank you Ideal Heat.”

Bobby Dhillon, Director

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