Temporary Boiler in Hackney, London

Primary School

The Brief

In January 2019, a school, based in Hackney London, experienced a boiler breakdown during a period of cold weather where large parts of the UK were experiencing below 0º temperatures. The school was now without heating and was potentially facing temporary closure until a solution could be found.

Ideal Heat Solutions’ out of hours emergency team received an urgent phone call on Saturday morning from the school caretaker. The school required an emergency temporary boiler to be delivered and commissioned ASAP to ensure the building had access to heating. Failure to install the temporary boiler that weekend, would have resulted in the school being closed on Monday morning.

The Objective

A school clearly outlined their requirements. Their objectives were as follows:

  • Deliver and commission a temporary heating solution within the timeframe set (2 days).
  • Ensure the School remains open and is functional
  • Ensure all contractors and third party providers are briefed and prepared
  • Ensure there is minimal disruption
  • Provide a complete fuel management solution

The required boiler hire period was 3 months, with the possibility of this being extended, due to the existing boiler’s planned replacement being scheduled for 5 months time.

The Technical Part

Immediately after receiving the call from the client, one of our operatives was able to conduct a site survey to further scope out the requirements for the specification of the boiler, the connections required and to define the delivery and installation details.

Boiler Required:

500kW Packaged Boiler (Oil Fired)

Fuel Tank Required:

3000 Litre Bunded Fuel Tank

Connections and Hose Requirements:

Pipes – DN50 hose BSP cons
Power connection 32a, single phase commando 240v
Water supply 15mm plain end connection

Installation and Location


Our biggest challenge was being able to source a supplier to deliver the equipment required for the connection points. But overall, this emergency boiler hire job ran very smoothly from the moment we received the call through to the commissioning of the boiler. And because all of our packaged boilers come equipped with remote monitoring technology, our operatives were able to successfully monitor the boiler’s performance and fuel consumption immediately after installation, giving the client complete peace of mind.


The client was extremely happy and commented:

“You got us out of a very tricky situation, considering the delivery and installation was required at such short notice and over the weekend too!”

Caretaker, Tyssen Primary School

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