Most of the time, you probably take your commercial boiler for granted. After all, when it’s working, you don’t have to think twice about how to heat your premises or get hot water. But when there’s a fault with this appliance, you could find that you experience major inconvenience. To ensure you’re able to carry on functioning in your premises, you might have to arrange commercial boiler hire as a backup until your heating system is working again.

One issue that can affect boilers is a failure of the burners. Focusing on commercial gas boilers, in this post we take a look at some of the technical problems that can occur and provide advice on the steps you can take to rectify them.

How to fix boiler ignition

the blue flame of a gas appliance burning

The burners in your commercial boiler might fail to ignite for a variety of reasons – and you’ll need to establish the cause to determine a suitable fix. One possibility is that there is an issue with the mains gas supply. Depending on the type of premises you have, you may be able to test this by turning on other gas appliances, such as a gas hob or fire. If you can’t get the flames in these appliances to ignite either, it’s likely that there is an issue with your mains supply, meaning you will need to contact your gas provider and get them to look into the issue.

Another potential cause of the problem could be a tripped electrical fuse. Boilers need a small amount of electricity for the ignition to work, so a tripped fuse could be preventing your appliance from functioning. To rule this out, check that your power supply is working as it should. Bear in mind that if there has been a power cut to your appliance, this might have caused the programme to reset – meaning you may need to reprogramme it.

A fault with your boiler’s gas valves is another possible source of the problem. These components control the amount of gas that flows into your appliance for burning. If a value  is damaged or blocked, this can prevent gas from entering the chamber and mean your boiler won’t ignite. Alternatively, the boiler’s burner might be blocked by particles or debris. Valve and burner issues aren’t things that you can test for yourself. Instead, you’ll need to contact a suitably qualified heating engineer to take a look at your appliance. In most cases, an engineer will be able to clear any blockages and get your boiler functioning again.

How to fix ignition lockout on a boiler

Boiler lockout is a feature built into appliances that means if a fault is detected, the boiler shuts down to prevent further damage being caused. If your boiler does this, an error code should display to tell you what the fault is. To solve a lockout, you’ll need to first identify and then fix this fault. The problem could be anything from low pressure to power outages, system blockages or ignition failures. Depending on the nature of the issue, you might be able to solve it yourself – or you might have to call for expert help.

Once the problem has been sorted, you should be able to get your boiler working again by pressing the reset button.

How to fix delayed ignition on a boiler

Delayed ignition refers to a situation in which the gas in your boiler isn’t ignited immediately, meaning it builds up to a point where it can cause a small explosion. Not only can this damage your boiler, it can also be dangerous – so it’s not something you can ignore.

Delayed ignition can be caused by a range of problems, including a restricted or weak pilot light. Also, low gas supply pressure can mean that there is too little gas at the burners, resulting in ignition problems. Another possible cause is too much primary air. This is air that’s mixed with gas before it’s ignited. If there is an excess of air compared to gas, it creates an imbalance and makes the mixture less flammable.

If you think your boiler may have delayed ignition, it’s important to call an engineer as soon as possible to take a look at the problem. They should be able to establish the cause and take suitable action.

The importance of regular maintenance

Flame failures can put your commercial boiler out of action, potentially causing major disruption to your organisation. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to arrange regular servicing and maintenance of this appliance. If you do experience technical difficulties with the appliance and need to arrange repairs, it’s important to be aware that commercial boiler hire services are available to provide you with an alternative to help keep your business functioning in the meantime.