Here in the UK, we’re ruled by our seasons. Glued to weather apps, we move through spring, summer, autumn and winter, piling on coats and jumpers and casting them off for shorts and T-shirts. Our increasingly mercurial climate, a constant topic of British conversation, has taught us to expect the unexpected at all times and that it’s a perfectly rational decision to leave the house with both an umbrella and some suncream.

However, this unpredictability can create a considerable headache for industries with fluctuations in seasonal demand. With our summer temperatures breaking heat records on a regular basis, businesses are finding that more than ever they need to plan ahead for sweltering summers. As a result, commercial chiller hire is no longer an occasional consideration; it’s rapidly becoming an annual necessity.

There are numerous organisations which wouldn’t need a permanent chiller solution but find temporary air chiller hire essential in the summer months when a sudden heatwave can seriously compromise commodities. These include warehouses containing sensitive products which must be stored within specific temperature bands, such as food and beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. There are strict legal requirements governing the temperature regulation of these products and they are a huge contributor to the UK economy; for example, the total value of the chilled prepared food market in 2022 in the UK was £10.5 billion.

Maintaining the correct temperature can often be managed in the winter but needs additional provision in the summer months. The agricultural sector requires carefully regulated storage for harvested crops and other seasonal perishables, and the harvesting of these is weather-dependent with all the associated uncertainty. Temporary chiller hire can be planned in advance for peak harvest and easily adjusted if predicted rain causes either a delay or a sudden rush to get crops gathered in.

Manufacturers of goods where there is a seasonal peak can also benefit from industrial chiller hire. We eat ice cream all the year round, but in hot weather sales soar – in the 2023 June heatwave they shot up by 47%. Demand for barbecue burgers, chilled salads, cold meats and picnic foods rockets in the summer and all these products need specifically calibrated cold storage, but providing this all the year round would be an unnecessary expense.

It’s not just merchandise which needs to be kept cool. In factories, the machines which cast, mould, form, assemble and finish also need to be operated under the right conditions. Productivity can be compromised if machines overheat or need increased downtime for cooling. In turn, the heat they produce while running can turn a factory floor or machine shop into a furnace during a heatwave, causing discomfort for employees and even illness with heat-related symptoms such as rashes, headaches, dizziness and nausea. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 state that ‘employers have a legal obligation to provide a workplace for all their staff with a reasonable temperature in which to work’. Overheated staff are unlikely to be fully efficient; commercial chiller hire can make an enormous difference to their comfort and output, and it can be utilised on a money-saving as-needs basis.

Temporary chiller units have myriad uses. Hospitality companies laying on summer events such as conferences and trade shows will benefit from a cool environment – in fact, in very hot weather it’s likely to be quite a draw! Companies which have a regular seasonal dip in the summer may use chiller rental during repairs or maintenance of their main system.

Here at Ideal Heat Solutions, we understand that every business needs a solution for its particular budget, building layout and operational requirements. We’ll produce a comprehensive chiller hire package which covers all your needs, and which can be utilised whenever there is a seasonal requirement.

Our experienced engineers will arrange everything you need for seamless productivity when the heat rises; our chiller units are robust and reliable, and we’ll fit around all your working requirements. Contact us to find out how we can help prepare your company for a long hot summer.