Whether you’re a hotel based in London or a housing association with the best interest of hundreds of residents at the forefront of everyday work, it is likely you have a huge infrastructure to manage. We’ve put together an infrastructure and boiler maintenance checklist and tips guide to help manage this process.

Know Your Infrastructure

Although this might seem like a simple step, it’s pivotal to ensure you are familiar with the inner workings of your boilers and infrastructure. This will allow you to identify any potential threats or changes in trends, as well as talk clearly and precisely with a boiler hire company about what you need to remedy any situations before a loss of heating or hot water occurs, or cause ongoing discomfort for guests or residents.

Carry Out Regular Checks

As well as boiler maintenance, look to carry out regular checks on performance of boilers. A dip in performance could be sign that something is amiss and further inspection is required.

Getting insight from a consumer point of view could also provide valuable insight, were they pleased with heating levels and water temperature?

Be Prepared for Change

Unpredictable weather and non-maintained boilers are not a great mix, but cold snaps – even on a well maintained system – can unearth some unwanted problems.

Being prepared for these snaps, ensuring boilers run a reasonable temperature and insulating systems can aid in this management, as can managing the boiler room efficiently.

Plan in Advance

From time to time boiler rooms and infrastructure in even the most prestigious locations will need a complete overhaul and have new boiler systems installed; plan in advance for this eventuality by arranging boiler hire at the earlier possible stage.

By doing so the cost of hiring a boiler and maintaining it whilst a boiler room is out of service will be factored in to overall spending at the beginning and overall costs aren’t going to receive an unexpected hit mid-project.

Always Have a Plan B

In London life is non-stop, so if you’re boiler breaks down residents and tenants are unlikely to be understanding as they wait for the problem to be solved. In the long term this could result in a loss of custom and reputation.

Thinking about a plan b, such as a specialist boiler hire London company before you need them will mean you know who to call before the creation of any potential problems.

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