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Temporary Boiler hire services

The Brief

Heating buildings for commercial use is of the utmost importance to maintain occupant satisfaction. When a district heating network, responsible for delivering heat to those in the surrounding area, required a temporary boiler due to major redevelopment works, Ideal Heat Solutions were the obvious choice.

The Objective

Ideal Heat Solutions was selected for this project due to its long-standing relationship with one of its most valued clients. Ideal Heat Solutions are the client’s sole chosen supplier for temporary heat and the engineers are often commended for the extra mile they go to for the client.

The project’s brief required Ideal Heat Solutions to provide heating to a town centre developing a large regeneration strategy that spans from buildings to infrastructure. To meet these demands, a 1200kW boiler, 4500 litre fuel tank and 40m x 100m flexi hose was fitted.

The selected boiler was an excellent choice for this project as it is able to provide consistent heat up to 90°C for both central heating and hot water. Additionally, the durability of the installed boiler was important as, due to the scale of this development, it was vital that the chosen boiler was hard-wearing and resistant against various demanding environments, such as weather.


Due to the nature of this project and its impact on the surrounding area, it was crucial to transport and install the temporary boiler promptly so there was minimal disruption to the people of the local area. With Ideal Heat Solutions’ team utilising their skill and expertise, they demonstrated a quick turnaround and the temporary boiler was installed within 24 hours of call out.

With this boiler being supplied to a large-scale development, it was important that the installation of Ideal Heat’s products remained efficient and cost effective. Had any problems arisen after the installation of the boiler, the Trend 963 Supervisor fitted within the boiler guarantees that any problems are can be quickly corresponded to operators and complications can be resolved remotely, saving on time and cost.

As a repeat client, this installation is a great example of Ideal Heat’s reliability as a company.  The skilled engineers quickly and effectively find solutions for any challenges that may arise and perform an installation that is to the client’s satisfaction.

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