20kW Electric Boiler Hire

Barratt Homes – Allingham Court

Ideal Heat Solutions restore underfloor and swimming pool heaters for major house builder

An exclusive North London residential development was left without hot heater and heating, following a boiler malfunction. The Barratt Homes complex was being overseen by Whitecode Developments, who contacted Ideal Heat Solutions to restore the underfloor and swimming pool heaters.

Our engineers advised that three 20kW electric boilers would fulfil their needs, and managed to install the temporary systems within hours of getting to the site. We were cautious throughout the process and for good reason; midway through one of the old pipes blew. It had corroded heavily, but our engineers restored full functionality by soldering the hole.

The recovery and installation was swift and effective, allowing our clients’ residents to enjoy their pool the day after our work was completed. Since our call-out, Whitecode Developments has rebuilt the entire boiler room to prevent the same issue arising again.

Ideal Heat Solutions specialise in the provision of industrial heating system and boiler plant solutions for commercial premises and events, whether planned or in an emergency. Please call us on 01622 632 918 to discuss your needs.

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