Barratt Homes Emergency Boiler Case Study

Battersea, London

Ideal Heat Solutions respond to winter breakdown in Battersea, London

One of the country’s largest house builders, contacted Ideal Heat Solutions when a boiler at one of their South London developments had broken down. The system served 240 apartments at a desirable location overlooking the Thames, so needed to be replaced urgently.

At the time, the complex was served by an oil system put in place by another boiler hire company. However, it simply wasn’t suitable for a site of its size and use. It was unreliable and ultimately malfunctioned during winter. Our team stepped up to the challenge, designing, procuring, building and installing a replacement 1120kW temporary boiler plant for the Battersea block.

We use high quality components and equipment to ensure that these high capacity boilers are able to withstand sustained residential use. The Ideal Heat system provided consistent heat and hot water for 240 properties over an 11-month period.

Over the course of the hire period, the system within our plant suffered three minor faults. Thanks to the Trend 963 Supervisor monitor that we fit into our mobile system, these issues were automatically communicated to Ideal’s HQ. These alerts meant that our expert team could react immediately, with prior knowledge of what the problem was. Each time our engineers were onsite within an hour to ensure the residents’ heating and hot water was unaffected.

Our Client was satisfied with the performance of Ideal Heat Solutions. They praised our professionalism, willingness to work at inconvenient hours, and ability to turn the project around quickly. Once the work was complete, Our Client commented that Ideal Heat Solutions had satisfied their needs for this emergency call-out and would recommend our services.

Ideal Heat Solutions specialise in the provision of industrial heating system and boiler plant solutions for commercial premises and events, whether planned or in an emergency. Please call us on 01622 632 918 to discuss your needs.

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