Brooke Hall Hostel

Boiler installation services

The Brief

The consistent and efficient supply of heating and hot water is a mainstay on all sorts of building structures, not least student accommodation. These areas have to be kept supplied with the right utilities to assure occupant health, wellbeing and comfort goes uncompromised.

Should disaster strike and the supply stops, it can have negative repercussions and affect a student’s time at college or university. In emergency situations such as these, it’s imperative that education institutions or management companies can turn to a temporary boiler company to get the heat back on with immediate effect.

Ideal Heat Solutions was able to rise to this challenge, rapidly supplying its market-leading temporary boiler to student accommodation in London in just over six hours.

The Objective 

This was an emergency installation where the heat supply had to be up and running as soon as possible. The student accommodation’s existing boiler had failed in the early evening, meaning that there was no heat or hot water supply for the building’s 100+ dwellings.

The client contacted Ideal Heat Solutions and two of its competitors, opting for Ideal Heat due to its reputation, excellence of service and the fact it was the only company quick enough to provide a solution in the client’s hour of need.

The connections were already in place on this project which meant that the site would be properly prepared before the temporary boiler arrived. All that was left to do was to establish the power for the temporary boiler, which was done in a matter of hours.

To fulfil the project’s needs, Ideal Heat Solutions provided its 250kW oil-fired containerised boiler, 3000ltr fuel tank, 40m x 50mm HTG hose and Heras fencing. An unbeatable temporary boiler with 92% fuel efficiency rating, the 250kW is a reliable solution that can meet any project’s requirements. Its reliability and pace ensure the consistent supply of heat and hot water to any premises.

As well as being robust and easy-to-install, the temporary boiler has in-built IQ Vision monitoring technology so the engineers can ensure it performs as intended – a huge benefit on this project.

Ideal Heat Solutions was able to complete paperwork electronically and mobilise its plant with high efficiency, saving the client huge amounts of time. Due to the rapid speed of this project, Ideal Heat Solutions was able to get the heating and hot water supply back on in six hours after the first call from the client.

Impressed with the high level of service and professionalism, Ideal Heat Solutions’ client has since gone on to request contingency planning for planned boiler replacement works. This ensures that the right measures are in place for an even swifter temporary boiler delivery and installation.

This project was a shining example of Ideal Heat’s skill, expertise and its ability to provide uninterrupted supply of heating and hot water when disaster strikes. When it comes to finding a temporary boiler provider, clients can rest assured and look no further than Ideal Heat Solutions.

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