500kW Boiler

Guys Hospital Cancer Ward

The uninterrupted supply of heat is critical on every single building, assuring the health and safety of occupants. As heat supply is fundamental, if for any reason the supply fails, the wellbeing of the people within a building can be put at risk.

When disasters like this strike, it’s vital for building managers or owners to turn to a temporary boiler provider they can trust, to provide a remedy to such a big problem.

The Objective

After receiving a call early in the afternoon, Ideal Heat Solutions was tasked with restoring heat to the premises within 24 hours. Thanks to Ideal Heat Solutions’ London office, Ideal Heat’s National Sales Manager was able to reach the hospital within 30 minutes of the call to analyse the situation at hand.

As with all its projects, Ideal Heat took measures into its own hands. To meet the project’s needs, Ideal Heat Solutions provided its 500kW oil-fired containerised boiler, 4500ltr fuel tank, and 50m of hose to make the temporary boiler connections so it could be powered.

Ideal Heat Solutions prestiged 500kW temporary boiler

An unbeatable temporary boiler with 92% fuel efficiency rating, the 500kW temporary boiler can meet any project’s requirements to deliver a consistent and efficient supply of heat when needed urgently. As well as being robust and easy-to-install, the temporary boiler has in-built IQ Vision monitoring technology so Ideal Heat Solutions’ OFTEC registered technicians can ensure the temporary boiler performs as intended. This level of control is a huge benefit on any project, particularly on healthcare facilities where the health of patients cannot be put at risk.

Ideal Heat Solutions was able to overcome the following challenges of this project:

– To meet the project’s requirements and get the temporary boiler connected, the hose was run at a high level and required bracketry for reinforcement
– Due to space limitations, Ideal Heat advised the client of some environment modifications that would enable Ideal Heat to land the temporary boiler successfully and comply with the Clean Air Act with regards to flueing.

Ideal Heat Solutions 500kW temporary boiler installation in process

The unit was delivered within 24 hours, meaning the heat supply was back on the following morning, within 24 hours. For further control on this project, Ideal Heat Solutions sends weekly fuel reports to the client to keep track of the delivery date, amount of fuel delivered and fuel PODs. The client was delighted with Ideal Heat Solutions’ efficient, trouble-free service.

Impressed with Ideal Heat Solutions, this NHS client uses Ideal Heat exclusively, as time and again Ideal Heat has fulfilled its promises and got the job done immediately.

On this project Ideal Heat was able to restore heat supply to a building that offers vital care for cancer patients, proving that when disaster strikes, clients can look no further than Ideal Heat Solutions.

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