Community School & Children’s Centre

The Brief

Ideal Heat Solutions was able to bring immediate heating and hot water to a school’s premises after its boiler crashed four months before its planned replacement.

Community School & Children’s Centre is located in the primary school children from ages 3-11. As well as being a focal point of its community, the school promotes inclusive teaching, learning and achieving within the ethos of mutual respect for all.

When the school’s boiler failed suddenly, Ideal Heat was able to step-in quickly to deliver a temporary solution that would minimise disruption to the students’ education.

The Objective

Ideal Heat received a call at the weekend to say the school’s boiler had broken. With the call received just before lunchtime on the Saturday, within three hours a quote was sent with transport arrangements, connections and specifications details. The client and its contractor agreed that installation would take place immediately.

For this emergency project, Ideal Heat Solutions’ 500kW containerised boiler fitted the bill. A versatile system, this temporary boiler is sturdy and adaptable, with all the mod cons and features to provide consistent hot water and heating for large commercial, domestic and industrial sites.

500kW boiler

500kW boiler

In order to assure further reliability and durability, the Trend 963 system was installed in this temporary boiler plant – a prerequisite of all Ideal Heat Solutions’ boilers – to automatically alert the team of any problems. This sophisticated system gives Ideal Heat the ability to check fuel levels and other technical details, providing the company with in-depth knowledge on the status of any boiler at all times, without having to attend site.

Reducing downtime is the primary objective in these situations, which is why containerised boiler plants of this kind are so effective. They can prevent any added inconvenience, as it is simple to load a packaged boiler on a Hiab lorry, set it in place and install it. From there, it should serve a site without interruption for a significant period of time. This was particularly important on this project, as it was anticipated the temporary plant could be in situ for up to six months.

The Challenge

The main challenges on this project were the low outdoor temperatures and the one-day installation delay. As the boiler had failed on a cold January weekend, it was essential to get temporary plant in so the site could be back up and running before the school week started. And even though it was agreed by all teams that installation would be pushed back to Monday morning as opposed to Sunday – as a result of a delay on the client’s contractor side – the procedure eventually went ahead smoothly, minimising disruption to students. With only a one-day school closure, Ideal Heat Solution’s temporary plant assured teaching could go ahead the next day.

With client and contractor extremely satisfied with Ideal Heat Solution’s rapid response and quality of product, whatever the size and nature of an emergency boiler failure Idea Heat Solutions can deliver the goods, and fast.

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