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Temporary Boiler hire services

The Brief

When a specialist healthcare provider in London lost heat on New Year’s Eve, Ideal Heat Solutions were able to carry out a site survey and deliver a temporary boiler safely and quickly restoring heat to the clinic. The healthcare provider was able to open its door to patients less than five days after Ideal Heat Solutions were contacted, ensuring patients could once again be provided with an excellent level of care.

The Objective

Ideal Heat Solutions received a call from the client late on New Year’s Eve. The client is a building services specialist who works for the healthcare provider. It uses Ideal Heat solutions exclusively for all its temporary boiler needs because it knows Ideal Heat Solutions has the expertise to get the job done quickly but most importantly, safely. Initially the experts at Ideal Heat Solutions discussed the requirements that the temporary boiler would need with the client. This included an accessible power supply for the boiler and the connections required to ensure the hoses would connect from the temporary boiler to the existing system. This gave the client clear actions that needed to be completed before Ideal Heat Solutions came on site.

At the site survey two days later Ideal Heat Solutions provided the client with a clear plan to ensure that they understood where the hose would run and where the boiler would be placed. The client then carried out the enabling works to the required specifications. Ideal Heat Solutions provided a 500kW containerised temporary boiler, a 40m HTG hose with a 4500ltr fuel tank. The boiler was delivered and installed on the morning of the 5th January which meant the clinic was able to be up and running again by early afternoon.

As part of the project, Ideal Heat Solutions provided weekly fuel updates so the client could see how much fuel was being used each week. With the works being carried out so quickly and efficiently with Ideal Heat Solutions’ usual high level of diligence and care, it was no surprise that they were asked to install two further temporary boilers at nearby sites.

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