Gascoigne West London

Client required urgent temporary boiler solution

The Brief

When a client required a temporary boiler solution that would keep the heat on whilst a site’s plant room was under construction, Ideal Heat was able to rise to the challenge.

This site is part of a huge masterplan to redevelop an area of Barking, east London. The development features 201 well planned, efficient, high-quality apartments, with private and communal amenity space. The accommodation is split into three blocks, varying in form and character, and ranging from three to 13 storeys, including seven terraced houses.

One of the project’s aims is to meet the challenges of climate change. The proposal is based on resilience and strategic water and energy use, through incorporation of ecosystem services, sustainable urban drainage management and reducing heat loads through green roofs and gardens. The required target carbon reduction of 40.2% beyond Building Regulations has strongly influenced the architectural design; provision of photovoltaic panels, high performance building fabric and advanced specifications are incorporated.

The Objective

Ideal Heat Solutions was tasked with providing temporary heat supply to new build apartments via a district heating network whilst a permanent plant room was constructed. Ideal Heat has a strong relationship with the client, meaning the temporary boiler expert was the only choice went it came to meeting the brief.

To exceed the client’s demands, Ideal Heat supplied a 500kW HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fired temporary boiler with a 4500ltr fuel tank. A 30m hose was also utilised to make the necessary connections onsite.


As per the development’s sustainable goals, Ideal Heat’s client specifically wanted an environmentally-friendly fuel source to power the temporary boiler. Ideal Heat is a pioneer of the HVO boiler; a renewable, energy-efficient alternative to traditional sources. Hence, this solution was the perfect choice.

Due to the size of the development, Ideal Heat visited the site regularly to work around any of changes to the boiler’s location. A service such as this signifies the extent in which Ideal Heat goes above and beyond for all its clients.

With the presence of Ideal Heat’s renewable HVO temporary boiler, the client was able to ensure the consistent supply of heat was available for the site’s inhabitants. It just goes to show that when it comes to identifying a renewable temporary boiler solution for any kind of development, you can look no further than Ideal Heat.

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