500kW boiler installation

Hotel du Vin, Henley-on-Thames

The Brief

The consistent supply of heat is a mainstay on buildings of all uses, shapes and sizes, ensuring that occupants can live or work in comfort without any disruption.

Heat supply is particularly essential in the likes of hotels, where paying guests expect a high level of comfort and service. Should heat supply fail or be disrupted even for a short amount of time, it can make for an uncomfortable experience for guests. It can also potentially ruin a hotel business’s spotless reputation and have unexpected financial costs.

So, when the heat supply in a 45+ room boutique hotel in Henley-on-Thames was unexpectedly cut off due to a pipe burst, Ideal Heat Solutions was able to work quickly to get the heat back on.

The Objective 

Ideal Heat has undertaken several temporary boiler installations for this hotel chain, and in the past few years has provided its contingency planning service which puts the necessary plans in place for a temporary boiler to be installed immediately should the worst happen. As the client knows Ideal Heat Solutions is a company that they can trust, they looked no further.

Ideal Heat Solutions received a call from the client early in the morning, notifying Ideal Heat that a pipe had burst in the hotel’s plant room. The area had been flooded and there had been damage to the boilers.

Not only had the heat supply been suspended whilst the hotel was fully booked, but the flooding in the plant room also posed a health and safety risk that needed to be resolved promptly.

Thankfully, Ideal Heat Solution’s National Sales Manager was only an hour away from the site, so was able to visit the hotel straight away to ensure a temporary boiler could be provided quickly. Access requirements were also accounted for, so that the temporary boiler could be transported and installed without any delay.

Ideal Heat’s National Sales Manager met the hotel’s building manager onsite and worked with the contractors to ensure the right power and connections were prepared for the temporary boiler installation.

To meet the project’s needs, Ideal Heat Solutions provided its 500kW oil-fired containerised boiler, 4500ltr fuel tank, and 40m of HTG hose to make the temporary boiler connections. An unbeatable temporary boiler with 92% fuel efficiency rating, the 500kW temporary boiler can meet any project’s requirements, to deliver a consistent and efficient supply of heat when needed urgently.

As well as being robust and easy-to-install, the temporary boiler has in-built IQ Vision monitoring technology so Ideal Heat Solutions’ OFTEC registered technicians can ensure the temporary boiler performs as intended. This level of control is a huge benefit on any project, particularly on hotel and hospitality facilities where the comfort of paying guests and visitors is key.

Along with the hotel’s team, Ideal Heat’s engineers deployed their expertise and skill to install the temporary boiler, getting the heat supply back up and running by 5pm.

Only a matter of days after the install, the client gave extremely positive feedback about Ideal Heat Solutions’ excellent product and service, marvelling at how quickly Ideal Heat got the heat back on. The contingency planning in particular was something the client truly valued as it removed the likelihood of any delays and unexpected costs.

Impressed with the high level of service, the client is now putting Ideal Heat Solutions in touch with another regional manager to provide the same seamless service in their hotels. What better feedback is there than being recommended to more businesses?



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