Hotel du Vin

Temporary Boiler hire services

The Brief

When a luxury hotel in Wimbledon, south-west London called for a temporary boiler solution, Ideal Heat Solutions was able to rise to the challenge. It’s essential to ensure the supply of heating and hot water remains uninterrupted in premises such as these, where occupants are expecting a level of comfort to be maintained during what should be a blissful stay.

Set within picturesque grounds adjoining Wimbledon Common, the hotel’s setting has played host to some of the most iconic literary stars including Oscar Wilde. As well as boasting beautiful rooms, the hotel’s grounds have an orangery and terrace, perfect for al fresco dining.

To assure the hotel continued to perform as intended, the plant room had to be refurbished. This project involved the contractor replacing the main boilers, with Ideal Heat coming in to pre-plan its programme of work to minimise downtime.

The Objective

Ideal Heat Solutions has worked previously with the main client on a number of emergency and pre-planned projects, to much success. As Ideal Heat has routinely delivered what’s promised to a high standard, and with a first-class service, the client knows it can trust Ideal Heat. Ideal Heat Solutions responds quickly and tailors a project to clients’ budgets – and also arrives with everything required to install the temporary boilers.

As this was a planned hire, Ideal Heat Solutions was able to create a programme of work that covered all bases. To meet with these demands, a sophisticated temporary boiler was needed. Ideal Heat had just the solution, in the form of a 500kW oil fired boiler. With a 92% fuel efficiency rating, Ideal Heat’s 500kW oil fired boiler was the perfect choice for this application. The oil fired boiler is incredibly versatile and comes complete with Ideal Heat’s advanced BMS Trend technology, which monitors the temporary boiler’s performance remotely and makes any necessary adjustments so engineers don’t have to visit site.


This hotel is elegant and stylish, meaning it is always in demand, particularly in the summer months when this project took place. As this is a busy hotel – and due to the functions taking place – Ideal Heat sourced and fitted discreet screens around its temporary boiler using heras fence covers. This ensured the overall aesthetic of the hotel wasn’t compromised.

Going the extra mile for the client, Ideal Heat worked alongside the contractor that was replacing the boilers in the plantroom on the day of installation. The contractor created the connection points for Ideal Heat in the morning and Ideal Heat was able to offer full support until the task was complete. All that was left to do was for Ideal Heat to connect the hose so that the occupants could continue to use heat and hot water.

A stunning luxury hotel called for an equally sophisticated temporary boiler solution that would ensure the consistent supply of heating and hot water to this site. Ideal Heat Solutions had just the response; in the form of a planned programme of work that would cover all bases and minimise downtime. This was delivered to much success, showcasing that when a temporary boiler is needed, clients can look no further than Ideal Heat.

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