Boiler Switchover - 1120kW & 250kW Boilers

Hotel, London

Ideal Heat Solutions support London hotel during boiler switch-over

Ideal Heat Solutions was contacted when London’s hotel’s Hotel was going through a boiler transition. They were in the process of removing an old plant room, and needed 2.25Mw of heat within various locations of the hotel. The heat source would provide heating and hot water throughout the facility, as their current system was insufficient for their demanding needs.

With hotel’s boiler switch-over behind schedule, Ideal Heat Solutions had to respond quickly with practical solutions for the facility. Everything we do is strategic, as we want to ensure that our work fully fulfils the needs of the client. We sent our Technical Manger to the site to review delivery, positioning, hose routes, electrical factors and water supply.

The location of the hotel, while great for visitors, was troublesome for an installation of this size. Being in the heart of London, traffic restrictions meant that we were unable to arrange road closures for the site. Our teams persisted, opting to deliver the system out of working hours and install two 1120kW and a 250kW boiler to the hotel overnight.

These three boilers ensured that the hotel’s guests would have a consistent heat source for the duration of their stay. The two larger boilers – responsible for heating the guests’ rooms – were positioned within the hotel’s courtyard, connected to a heater within the main plant room. The smaller system – for the meeting rooms and kitchen – sat on the side of a connecting road.

The project was initially estimated to last eight weeks. The plan was for the Ideal Heat Solutions system to support the one remaining hotel’s boiler for a week, before it was turned off and removed. However, the entire process took 24 weeks, with our systems serving the entire site until a permanent solution was installed.

The hotel’s Hotel followed up with our team to comment on their fast reactions and commitment to solve their heating problem. The client was satisfied with the results of our work and constant reassurance that our engineers would be on-hand if any problems were to take place.

Ideal Heat Solutions specialise in the provision of industrial heating system and boiler plant solutions for commercial premises and events, whether planned or in an emergency. Please call us on 01622 632 918 to discuss your needs.


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