Islington Apartments North London Developments

Provide immediate heat supply

The Brief

When a residential building is undergoing development, assuring existing occupant comfort is a top priority. Ideal Heat Solutions was able provide immediate heat supply to all of the dwellings in an Islington, north London development whilst additional apartments were added to the structure.

The Objective

Ideal Heat Solutions was the go-to temporary heat provider for this complex job. This was a planned project in which all of the contingencies were considered a month before work began. Utilising its skill and expertise, Ideal Heat surveyed the site, ensuring the client’s needs were accounted for. This resulted in a swift installation. Ideal Heat has a strong relationship with this client and both worked together to identify the right solution for this job.

Ideal Heat supplied its robust and high-performing 1200kW oil fired boiler and 4500ltr fuel tank. A 140m hose was also used to ensure Ideal Heat’s equipment could be connected and installed without complication. The hose was run-up to the 4th storey, carried up through the block’s stairs so it could be dropped alongside the scaffolding. Ideal Heat manufactured and supplied additional T-pieces so that its temporary boiler could supply heat to two separate plant rooms on the block’s roof.

The Challenge

As this project was planned a month in advance, many of the challenges that are encountered in the event of an emergency were avoided. All aspects of the project were accounted for to ensure quick execution and delivery, not to mention the avoidance of occupant discomfort. The client was also able to create a sound reducing hoarding to put around the temporary boiler, something made possible due to the time allocated for planning.

Preparation was instrumental to the success of this project. Ideal Heat’s contingency plan ensured occupant comfort was maintained to a high standard on this development programme, enabling a seamless transition from permanent to temporary heat.

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