Kensington Apartments

Temporary boiler hire for high-end residential apartments in West London

The Brief

For residents living in the epitome of luxury, the consistent supply of heating and hot water ranks high on the agenda. Temporary heat provider Ideal Heat Solutions was called upon by a client to ensure such service to high-end residential apartments in west London remained uninterrupted whilst important gas works were underway.

The Objective

Able to offer an efficient, flexible and personal solution that covers all bases, Ideal Heat Solutions worked quickly to meet the exacting needs of the client.

This client in particular works exclusively with Ideal Heat; a company that has become renowned for providing a service which enables customers to work collaboratively and ensure all needs are met.


It was imperative to utilise temporary heat to ensure a seamless supply of heating and hot water to the luxury apartments. As well as supplying a temporary boiler, Ideal Heat Solutions ran a 150m hose across the development to make the necessary connections. It is very rare to use a hose of this length, therefore careful consideration had to be paid.

Working with its client, Ideal Heat Solutions ran the hose at a high level from the temporary boiler through the underground car park and into the plant room. Ideal Heat installed all of the bracketry to enable its hoses to run along the car park ceiling securely.

With the presence of Ideal Heat Solutions’ temporary boiler and the utilisation of its expertise, residents of the stunning residential apartments were able to keep their heat on whilst gas works were underway. Providing excellent support and service, when selecting a temporary boiler solution there really is no other option but to select Ideal Heat.

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