Boiler Breakdown - Emergency Boiler Hire Solution

Hotel, London

Ideal Heat Solutions react to boiler breakdown at the Hotel

Ideal Heat Solutions received an emergency phone call from London’s prestigious Hotel, which had suffered a sudden boiler breakdown. With hundreds of guests, visitors and staff potentially losing hot water and heating, our engineers were called to install a replacement urgently.

Our team reacted promptly, delivering a 1120kW machine and fuel tanks to the hotel within hours of the call out. Ideal Heat Solutions connected 40 metres of piping down the hotel’s underground pant room to connect to the boiler, solving the issue for the short term.

Guests staying at the hotel were alerted that there were boiler issues, and were informed that it was already in the process of being fixed. After gradually bringing temperature levels up safely, the Hotel was back to full functionality. The customers were seemingly satisfied, as there were no reported complaints once this process took place.

Reliability is key with our services, which is why we use high quality boiler components. We also fit our boiler plants with the sophisticate Trend 963 Supervisor, monitoring technology capable of alerting our control centre if it encounters any problems. Over the six weeks the system was in place, it served the hotel consistently, providing the guests with sufficient hot water and heating.

The Hotel was delighted with the rapid response of Ideal Heat Solutions. They were satisfied with our flexibility and commitment to resolve the issue, staying on-site until the boiler was functioning fully. The client praised our professionalism, fast installation, and said that they would recommend and use our services in the future.

Ideal Heat Solutions specialise in the provision of industrial heating system and boiler plant solutions for commercial premises and events, whether planned or in an emergency. Please call us on 01622 632 918 to discuss your needs.

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