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Emergency Boiler Hire

The Brief

In the event of boiler failure, the financial losses that come when disaster strikes have negative repercussions on a business. To prevent a problem from spiralling out of control, it is of huge benefit to have a contingency plan in place. Ideal Heat created a temporary boiler back-up plan for a popular country house hotel should the existing boiler fail, keeping disruption to its operation and guests at an absolute minimum.

The Objective

Many of the UK’s hotels had planned to reopen in mid-late May in the second lifting of government’s coronavirus restrictions. This was an important weekend for many commercial and independent hoteliers, who could finally welcome guests after months of closure.

The client contacted Ideal Heat in early May as a planned replacement of its existing boiler was in place. With the covid restrictions lifting on 17th May, the hotel wanted to assure that the heating and hot water were in ship-shape before guests arrived.

Ideal Heat advised the client that the existing boiler could fail before its replacement is due. The temporary heat expert worked diligently with the client to create a contingency plan that would cover all bases should failure occur. This sense of security was welcomed by the hotel management.

Ideal Heat supplied its market-leading 500kW oil fired boiler with a 4500ltr fuel tank. A 200m x 50mm hose was utilised to ensure the necessary connections could be made.

The Challenge

When it came to repairing the existing boiler, an engineer confirmed Ideal Heat’s concern that the boiler was likely to fail at any time. Ideal Heat was contacted the Thursday before the restrictions lifted as a temporary boiler solution was needed. Ideal Heat assured the client that as a result of its contingency plan, all unforeseen considerations has been accounted for. Delivery and installation took place rapidly, only two days later, with minimal disruption to the hotel’s operation.

The presence of Ideal Heat’s temporary boiler solution meant a stunning country house hotel was fit for reopening two days later when the restrictions lifted. Ideal Heat’s contingency plan and service ensured the continual flow of heating and hot water was available, so that the existing boiler could be repaired before the hotel got back to business.

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