Temporary Boiler Installation

Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form

In an educational environment, proper heating conditions are not only vital to the wellbeing of the pupils and staff, but also to the running of the school. When the classroom is not temperature-controlled, the attendance and concentration of pupils is jeopardised, negatively impacting their ability to learn. In this instance, it is essential that a solution is implemented quickly to create a habitable environment for the building’s occupants.

The Objective

The school is a new client, and approached Ideal Heat Solutions to provide a solution for the lack of heating due to their plant room installation.

Notably on this project, the client relied upon Ideal Heat Solutions’ expertise to identify a suitable site for the boiler. To accommodate the client’s request, Ideal Heat Solutions conducted a survey in order to produce clear images of the boiler and tank location. Ideal Heat used the survey results alongside the specifications provided by the client, to successfully install the temporary boiler. Furthermore, the boiler was installed on a weekend to prevent a significant disruption to the school, ensuring that the routine operations would continue without delay.

temporary boiler installation at Stoke Newington School

The client ideally required same-day installation on the project. From call for the order to installation, Ideal Heat’s engineers and the specialist boilers were on site within 24 hours, which was crucial given that the plant room was replaced and left pupils without heating during term-time.

Ideal Heat’s service exceeded expectations. The company was receptive to technical support, and worked alongside the client’s engineers who consulted on parts of the project, and even assisted them with their mechanical works once the installation was completed. Furthermore, the excellent customer service on this project was extended to Ideal Heat’s HIAB driver, who also kindly assisted the client by moving other items for them, which needed to be placed elsewhere on the site.

temporary boiler installation at Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form

The client was thoroughly impressed with Ideal Heat Solution’s customer service, noting its specialist knowledge, thorough attention to detail, and attentiveness and support throughout the process. This project is a testament to Ideal Heat’s all-round service provision and willingness to support clients in any way possible.

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