Strome House

Provide a quick remedy to a complex requirement

The Brief

Occupant comfort is integral in all kinds of spaces, especially care homes where some of the most vulnerable citizens reside. Care homes provide important support to individual’s needs and wellbeing, generally improving the quality of their lives on a daily basis.

To assure occupant comfort remained uncompromised in a care home during a plantroom refit, Ideal Heat Solutions was able to turn and keep the heat on.

This care home is situated in the seaside town of Bexhill, East Sussex. It is a well-designed and active scheme close to local shops, cafes and pubs, with nearby bus services to Eastbourne and other destinations.

The Objective

This was the first time Ideal Heat Solutions worked with this client. The client had selected the temporary boiler expert for its level of professionalism and expertise, not to mention its reputation and calibre of temporary boilers on offer.

Ideal Heat was able to give the client a quote and work through their requirements on the day of the initial enquiry. Ideal Heat’s National Sales Manager met the client onsite and performed a detailed survey to cover all bases. The survey highlighted where the boiler would go, outlined the hose runs and stipulated what the client required to provide power and water connections to the plant room.

On this project, Ideal Heat Solutions provided its 250kW oil-fired boiler, 3000ltr fuel tank, 80m x 50m hose and power extension leads. The 250kW boiler is an efficient and reliable system that suits the needs of various projects. As well as being robust and easy-to-install, the temporary boiler has in-built IQ Vision monitoring technology so the engineers can ensure it performs as intended.


The level of detail that the survey offered ensured that when it came to install-day, all areas had been taken into consideration.

It can be very risky to not have a contingency plan in place. As with other healthcare facilities, care homes simply cannot go without heating and hot water – doing so would place vulnerable residents in jeopardy.

Whilst clients can rest in the knowledge that their boiler will be taken care of during a planned plantroom refit, sometimes depending on the age and state of a boiler, the equipment can fail before the works go ahead. By creating a suitable backup plan, such as preparing for the installation of temporary equipment in case of an emergency, you can ensure that any disruption to your organisation is minimised. You can also keep people safe, which is a vital consideration for healthcare sites.

Able to provide a quick remedy to a complex requirement, Ideal Heat Solutions’ service and product once again delivered what was needed and more on this care home project.

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