Student Accommodation Coventry


This new client called early in the morning to explain that their student accommodation block had no heating and they needed the heat back on as soon as possible, as without heat the students would have to be moved into a hotel.  With a 150 plus students the cost to the university would have been horrendous.

The client required same-day installation on the project, after discussions with the client it was decided that Ideal Heat Solutions would supply a 500kW containerised temporary boiler, 4500ltr fuel tank and 120m of steel braided 50mm heating hose. To ensure that the boiler was up and running by the end of the day transport left our depot with the boiler within 2 hours of getting the call.

Ideal Heat’s service exceeded expectations as the boiler was delivered and installed by the afternoon, meaning the heat was on the same day and that the students were able to remain in the accommodation overnight that evening.

The client was thoroughly impressed with Ideal Heat Solutions’ customer service, noting that the speed at which this job was completed was superb and stating that this was made more impressive as the weather had turned and there was snow everywhere.  The project is a testament to Ideal Heat’s all-round service provision.  The client has since hired 3 more boilers from Ideal Heat Solutions.

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