Temporary Boiler Hire in Oxford

1.5MW Packaged Boiler Hire

The Brief

The Hotel is a stunning, boutique hotel with 95 luxury rooms and suites. On the morning of Friday 7th May, we received an urgent call from the Site Maintenance Manager. The hotel had suffered major boiler failure with two of its large boilers and was now unable to provide heating and hot water to its guests. Both boilers were beyond repair and after a number of frantic phone calls that morning, it was clear that the hotel was unable to simply replace the boilers.

The hotel’s reputation was at stake and the financial loss the hotel could have incurred was also great. The Malmaison required an emergency boiler hire solution.

The Objective

The Site Maintenance Manager required a same day heating and hot water solution. And because the boiler failure occurred on a Friday, the hotel had the added pressure of fulfilling pre planned events that were taking place on that Saturday and Sunday.

Malmaison required a 1.5MW temporary boiler hire solution, to be delivered the same day. Additional Heras fencing was also required to protect the public from accessing the packaged boiler. Malmaison also required the boiler to be installed and commissioned in the least most disruptive location for the guests within the hotel’s grounds.

The Technical Part

Boiler Required:
1.5MW Packaged Boiler (Oil Fired)

1500kw packaged boiler hire

Fuel Tank Required:
6000 Litre Bunded Fuel Tank

Connections and Hose Requirements:
Pipes – DN100 hose flange cons
Pipes – DN50 hose BSP cons
Power connection 32a,
single phase commando 415v (red) Water supply 15mm plain end connection
Heras Fencing

Challenges and Obstacles

One of the biggest challenges our team faced was the location of where the boiler was scheduled to be landed. Our delivery vehicle had to avoid cracking any of the pavement slabs during the delivery of the boiler. Because we were delivering a 1.5MW packaged boiler, (the largest boiler in our fleet) weighing approximately 6 tonnes, the sheer weight of the vehicle could have caused substantial damage. Our delivery driver expertly avoided any damage to the courtyard pavement.

Another challenge for our team was sourcing the Heras fencing at such short notice, as well as sourcing the appropriate connection points.

In addition to the above, our engineers were also required to strip out existing pipework in order to successfully fit the hose connections.

How Ideal Heat Solutions Met the client’s Objectives

  1. The 1.5MW packaged boiler was delivered by 17:30 on the same day the call was received. The boiler was ready to be installed and commissioned that evening.
  2. The hotel had access to heating and heat water the following morning.
  3. Successfully installed the Heras fencing surrounding the boiler to meet safety requirements.
  4. Avoided damaging the court yard paving slabs during the delivery of the boiler.

Installation and Location

ariel view of temporary boiler location at oxford castle hotel



The client was incredibly happy with the huge effort that Ideal Heat Solutions made to successfully organise, deliver and commission the boiler, in such a short space of time. In particular, the client was really impressed with our consistent communication throughout the whole process.

As a result of our efforts, Malmaison have now extended their portfolio of 35 sites to Ideal Heat Solutions with a robust contingency plan.

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