The Heatwave

Its official, we are half way through our longest heatwave since 2006, with the met office issuing a level three warning today. Much of the UK has been enjoying the hot weather for more than a week with temperatures looking to stay around 30°c (86°f).

This weather is very much welcomed for the most part. But for all the positives a small list of negatives have accrued. Tarmac is doing what it does best and melting, train tracks are buckling, and those not prepared are dehydrating.

Those wishing to host a barbecue, sunbathe or watch sport would wonder why anybody would complain, but however great  the weather may be, sometimes you just need to keep cool!

Here at Ideal heat solutions, we not only specialise in keeping you warm in the winter, we can also keep you cool in the summer.

Our chiller rental services consist of a wide range that includes; industrial, commercial and temporary chiller hire units.

Planning an Event?

With this ongoing heatwave if you are planning an event please allow our extensive knowledge and expertise to allow us to offer you the best solution for your cooling requirements.

In the event your air conditioning system fails, we can provide you with an efficient high power temporary chiller one of at a moments notice.

So why not get in touch with us..