Wadebridge, Cornwall

The local town of Wadebridge in Cornwall are set on sourcing all energy through local means as oppose to using energy giants.
The Wadebridge Renewable Energy network (Wren) aim to source all energy from the local area by 2020 in a bid to lessen the likelihood of being cut off should there be any further extreme weather conditions. Being that the most prominent income to the town is tourism, not being able to reach the town as a result of a lack of energy would severely harm the town’s survival.

Creating the means to source all of the renewable energy from local companies would not only promote the towns safety and survival, but it would ensure affordable energy supply for the residents, and reduce the amount of people currently living in fuel poverty. According to research around 15-30% of residents in this town cannot afford to live off of their current energy plans.

In a bid to save their town, a shop on the high street was opened advising the public of energy saving methods such as cavity wall insulation, biomass boilers, and loft insulation. It also advises local businesses on the best developers to get approval for larger developments.

The town is not one to fade into insignificance; it has been a ‘hub of innovation’ since the world’s third railway line was built through Wadebridge in the 19th century. Wadebridge’s aim to become entirely self sufficient when it comes to energy is not an impossible mission. This was the case here until 100 years ago, and the town aims to return to that stage through the use of the countryside’s natural on and offshore resources as a renewable energy source.

An energy resource development will hopefully generate more employment for those currently living within the area, and encourage the younger generation to stay and be a part of it. Creating jobs within this sector for the local community will hopefully boost the local economy and encourage the budding entrepreneurs to develop new and exciting ideas.