Working in the temporary heating industry has taken us to some diverse locations and given us a view of the UK construction industry that is unique. Over time we have taken on board the needs of such clients, and the general public, adapted services and even built new machinery.

Here’s what we’ve learnt:

Planning Temporary Boiler Use

Often we work months in advance with those requiring a temporary boiler for a construction project.  This allows us to prepare the right type of boiler (and build it if needed), but it also means a construction contractor has peace of mind that everything on their project is in order.

As an engineer can relate, working in construction requires a number of fine details to be planned and executed together perfectly.  Ensuring your temporary boiler hire meets these requirements can be a huge benefit to getting these minute details correct.

Understanding the Need for a Temporary Boiler

Understanding the final use of a temporary boiler is essential to getting the components of the project correct.

On a recent project completed for BP we needed to understand the length of time their boiler room renovation would take, the potential stress the boiler would be under and how we would manage this.

As a result of the planning, when the temporary boiler was needed, we were able to ensure it was ready and could offer both remote and on site assistance to the site manager and construction team.

We also supplied temporary heating for 200 apartments in London. Again, understanding that heating and hot water would need to be available 24 hours a day meant we could design a temporary boiler to meet these stringent needs and provide service to 200 families, as well as our construction partner.

Be Prepared for Temporary Boiler Changes

Part of our work involves managing emergency boiler hire. Being prepared for any eventuality is hugely important and construction specialists will know all too well the negative impact boiler failure can have on a business.

As such, we took the decision to monitor all our temporary boilers with TREND through computers and mobile apps. This allows us to ensure fuel in the boiler never runs below a certain level and any maintenance that needs to be carried out can be done so before a loss of heating or hot water occurs.

The importance of this is magnified on jobs such as the heating of the 200 apartments mentioned earlier.

Understanding Change

Every construction job is different and as the industry evolves we have worked to evolve with it. It is this approach that has led to new machinery being created, mobile app tracking of boiler performance and a loyal client base drawn to the quality of service on offer.

Ideal Heat Solutions provide temporary boiler services in London and the South East of England.  We can provide both long and short term boiler services, emergency call outs and much more. Contact us to find out how we can help you.